Me and the Family

Two of my boys had the honor of serving at the Ordination Mass while my wife and youngest cheered me on from their pew

My name is Brian Wentz. I am one of those crazy Catholic converts! I originally started attending Catholic Mass to impress a cute girl in high school. However, something about the Mass drew me in and made me want to learn more. I eventually joined the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil in 1999 and married that cute girl the same year. We have three wonderful boys and are trying to raise them in such a way that they will be gentlemen and follow God’s calling to whatever it is He wants out of them. Speaking of following God’s call, I was ordained a permanent Deacon on June 2, 2012 at the age of 35. For the non-Catholics out there that means I can now preside at weddings, funerals, baptisms, proclaim the Gospel and also preach at Mass.

Madeira Beach 2009


2 thoughts on “Me and the Family

  1. I wish I have the deacon like you. I love your blog and all inspirations for homilies. Thanks to be God for You and your Family. You in my prayers.
    Fr. Jacek
    St. Andrew the Apostle Church

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